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Originally Posted by 1st RoadRage View Post
I agree, the S197 has less driveline loss than previous models; I think 12% loss is a good working number.
I was just using a figure I saw on the internet from another Mustang forums.

Even at 12%, that puts me right at 429 hp, and I'll take that. That 444 hp figure seemed WAY too much and to be honest was unbelievable.

Originally Posted by MnemonicGhost View Post
Wow, that was today. Just think how much better it will get as the weather cools off more!
I know well what a negative DA does at the track and if it has the same basic effect at the dyno, then my rwhp will go up some. The temp today on the dyno sheet was 96.5 degrees. I wonder what it would dyno on a 50 degree day.
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