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Originally Posted by old_goat View Post
I was given the chart and was told that STD was the norm. So, this is what I scanned. If this is true, it wasn't my intent to deceive. I would rather have quarter mile timeslips vs. dyno runs any day, however like DA effects dyno times, it also effects quarter mile times. None of these quarter mile times or dyno pulls are a complete absolute, but are variables based on environmental conditions and even the dyno themselves. The rwhp should also increase as the engine gets broken in.

I will have to call and find out what the SAE is as I don't have software for these dynojet files. I think the SAE was 370, but I'm not 100% sure.
Its cool man, nothing wrong with learning new information. SAE will be more 'realistic' vs STD. In the quote below it actually suggests that STD is 4% higher then SAE. Which can be skewed based on the local readings while on the dyno (temp, humidity, BP, etc).

SAE: "SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers), USA. Power is corrected to reference conditions of 29.23 InHg (99 kPa) of dry air and 77 F (25C). This SAE standard requires a correction for friction torque.

STD is Another power correction standard determined by the SAE. Power is corrected to reference conditions of 29.92 InHg (103.3 kPa) of dry air and 60 F (15.5C). Because the reference conditions include higher pressure and cooler air than the SAE standard, these corrected power numbers will always be about 4 % higher than the SAE power numbers. Friction torque is handled in the same way as in the SAE standard."

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