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Originally Posted by houseurbody
hello mustangers and

I am new to this great board and also new to owning a mustang

I am trying my hardest on what lil money I have to make the best of my 1997 mustang. I have my sounds hooked up...finally! After finding out that Ford doesnt use the same coloring of wires as most normal people do.:kooky:

So I have my wma,mp3,avi, reciever alon with my dvd system, with my 2x12in 2,500watts of Ground Zero Subs, along w/ 2 6x9 kenwood 4ways in the rear, and in the front 6x8 componets by alpine. Of course I am running a 1000watt 4 channel amp by Ground Zero, elect crossover by Kenwood, and 2500watt Power Acoustic pushing by 2 subs.
Now that thats finally working and many nights disturbing my neighbors yelling at my car for the confusion in wiring....:smilie

I am trying to add some Angel eyed projector headlight black with corner signals clear all in 1 piece.

My car is black with blacker then black tinted windows, so the lights look awesome on the confustion is why is there 4 wires? 2 rd 1 blk and 1 white? They plug right in using the old excisting light harnesses. I understand that 1 set red and black are for the signal, what are the red and white for?:?:

they exit out where the projector is, but so is where you plug the lights in.

Anyone out there who can help this newie?

much appreciated...

If anyone is interested I can get you Ground Zero Audio speakers and amps. At a cost!!

if you dont know what ground zero is go to
Don't know much about that, you might try posting in the electronics section.

I know some guy tried it here in Omaha, and didn't wire the capacitor right on the projector headlights - which caught his car on fire .. . .

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