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Originally Posted by jm1llz View Post
Assuming you have the same metra harness that Grim posted earlier, then yes.

One important thing to mention, that should have been mentioned at the beginning: If you replaced all 4 speakers, as long as you did them all the same way, you're fine. There is no "correct/backwards" way, you just need all the speakers to be the same, otherwise they will be "out of phase" with eachother. So this affects the people who just replaced the front two speakers. If you have that same metra adapter, your front speakers will be out of phase with your rear.
Gotcha. Did just the fronts for now, and the harnesses I got we're the ones from amazon when I got the speakers. I just looked and couldn't find the part number on the page? Mine are the ones listed for '98 and above ford etc vehicles. I did see a link for 'similar items' that had the connecter with the part# listed above. I guess I'll just have to try and find out. They do look the same, but idk.

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