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Originally Posted by bowen79 View Post
Wondering if you could post some pics of the focal installation? Looks like you got a real quality setup going!
No Pics of the Focals .... I actually ended up swapping them out. I LOVED the way they sounded, but it was the Integration Series in the front door and the woofers were starting to bark a little bit with the power from the ARC amps.

I may end up with something higher up in the Focal Line or Hertz someday.

They were replaced with Alutek 6.5" Components in the front door. It's an older speaker, but produced in Germany on the same line as MB Quart. They ended up costing me less than the Focals and are good for the time being, as I got money back from crutchfield for the Focals and these were less from the installer who did my installation. The 6.5" components barely fit in the door with the mounting plate we made, and I'll probably go back to the 5.25" if I upgrade in the future.

I had Focal K2P in a car a long time ago and that spoiled me for all future sets of speakers.

Next time I have door panels off I'll take pictures, but no pictures for now.
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