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Originally Posted by mtu245 View Post
I have a question about these Shelby Kicker replacements as well. How do we go about amplifying them? I want to add the Metra dash kit and do a new HU. I just don't really want to add processors to integrate my factory shaker500 system. And I don't care for SYNC either really

But back to the new HU. They mostly all have 3 pre-amp outputs for front, rear, and subwoofer. So out of these 3 pre amp outputs, which 1 goes to amplify the 8 inch shelby kicker replacement subwoofers? I want to add a small 10' sub in a sealed box so that takes all my pre-outs away. Just a bit confused. Also 1ch or 2ch amp for them? I've posted on some car audio forums, but the guys there weren't very helpful with vehicle specific questions.

After you amplify your kicker a replacement subs, are you going to remove the stock amp under the driver side or leave it?

Thanks so many questions I know. Post up some front spkr pics too!

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I am not 100% on the specifics of what was tapped from where on my installation.

I do know that all the factory amps are still in place, just bypassed, we did not remove them from the vehicle.

With the SYNC / NAV system, you must take a high level output off the factory amps and use a high level converter, as all the volume controls are through the amplifier, if you try to take the signal pre-amp it's just a straight line out from the head unit.

Since you are using an aftermarket with 3 pre-amp outputs ...

Just get a splitter Y Cable for your subs and feed separate amps from the trunk and the doors.

Since I have a 12" in the trunk in the spare tire well and the 8" in the doors, I have them running off a split signal, from the head unit to 2 different amps. You can use a 1 channel amp to power both of the door subs, just make sure you wire it up so your ohm levels are as you want them.

We then mounted sub control knobs in the dash, so I can independently control the volume of the door subs and the trunk subs.

I set the crossover on my door subs so it really covers the more "musical" end of the bass and let the trunk really handle the super low frequencies.

Really satisfied with how it all has come together.
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