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Originally Posted by burke985 View Post
Exactly some people over exaggerate and some don't. I'm sure you will be happy with your purchase if you do so
I take offense to that as I haven't exaggerated at all. You don't see me making threads saying the car is a POS or sticking my nose in every problem thread adding my 2 cents. I've been mature about the situation and feel I would be doing the OP a disservice if I didn't warn him that these cars don't carry anywhere near the reliability he's likely used to in an Acura.

Even the worst cars have a lot on the roads without issues but the bottom line is that there is plenty of evidence to support that there are multiple issues with these cars. I will say that most of them are more annoyances but again I've been driving mostly Japanese cars for the last 15 years and I'm simply not accustomed to having this may issues small or not with a new car. People don't just join internet forums to complain about their cars as I joined this place before I took delivery of my car and there are a lot of people with problems that aren't on these boards discussing just like there are lots of people without issues. The OP only needs to do a search for lower control arms, MT82, engine tick, paint bubbling and there's plenty of information for him to draw his own conclusions as there's TSB's for every issue which is kind of Ford's confirmation of the problems existing.

Like I said in my original post there's also a lot to like about the cars and if you've had Mustangs and domestics before you may be used to the little quirks but people used to driving imports may not be able to overlook the issues as easily. I don't regret my purchase or anything as I still have fun with the car but I feel that I would be doing the OP a disservice by saying the car is perfect and that everything will be fine.

Another thing the OP should know is that the Mustang online community is not very forgiving (compared to the Honda, Subaru, Toyota, Mitsubishi communities I've been involved with) to people that have issues as you are labeled as 'exaggerating' or worse. Something else to keep in mind if you like to be involved in the online community.

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