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Originally Posted by Grimace427 View Post
You went on an internet forum asking for problems with the car. This is the place where people complain about their problems. Not exactly the perfect picture of everyday ownership of the vehicle.

You are a Ford employee, and asking us for advice? Hmmmm.... I don't work for Ford, but on occasion I have been ridiculed for some common sense thoughts on ownership of a Mustang. I did not purchase this as weekend drag car, or a performance project car. It is a daily driver. I did not buy it to sit it in a garage four months out of the year.The transmission does its job. There is fallout in any production of mechanical parts. There may be design flaws. These are found in many vehicles, including Ferraris.

If you want the car, buy it. The warranty is there, and unless your dealer is clueless as to customer satisfaction ( return customer) , this alone should give you some piece of mind. This forum isn't the only one that has negative posts frequently. Other forums that I check that have nothing to do with cars are similar. Many look for free advice, validation, or revenge, and they aren't talking about cars. This is inherent in Internet forums.

I just read a post on this forum that questions another person's sexual preference because he posted about liking his car, using intelligent expression. When you see this kind of thing, how can you take all of the comments on this forum seriously? Yeah, some legitimately have issues, others complain about things that they have not ever experienced, and many others have modified their vehicles before making their first car payment, and then have issues.

Buy the car, drive the car, and stay away from this forum for a while. Make your own assessment. I did. The car isn't perfect, but I haven't owned any vehicle that has been. Just enjoy it for what it is.


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