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Originally Posted by Stroker88 View Post
Whoa, 800+ for single digits? A TF top end kit will net 11.90's on stock 302ci, and thats rated for 360 crank horsepower. I wasn't expecting that much power for such a light car. I mean maybe for a 3800#+ car. In my 03 I went 10.70's full weight with slicks. Maybe I should just gut the thing now and see what I can get out of it. Realistically I was counting on a 408 with the right heads cam combo to net somewhere around 650 at the crank all motor and run in the 9's with full suspension and trans. Is any of this inconceivable? I appreciate the heads up and I will be sure to ask around for more expert opinions, hope I don't sound too naive, that's why I joined after all.
You can get into the single digits with under 800hp! Have you read my siganature! No it don't say a single digit time but I promise I have no where near 800! BB or SB, HP is HP. Weight and traction plays big part!

There are cars out there with waay more HP than me but I have faster 60's and sometimes better ET's.

93' LX hatch, 460 w/150 plate, TH400, 9" w/ 3.60 spool. Best (so far!) of [email protected] 146 mph with 1.40 spinning 60' on steel heads
Been saying single digit coming for 3 years.....guess I finally made it!
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