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Originally Posted by KonaBlueKiller View Post
I've always installed my own systems but I was lazy with this car. I did install my Pioneer double din and Scosche dash conversion myself but had my buddies shop install my kicker 6x8s front and rear, DbDrive 760x4, kicker solobaric L7 12 inch sub, custom box, and Kicker 750 rms mono block amp. Stereo sounds amazing, can crank it way higher than you'll ever listen to it with no audible distortion, the sub shakes the car to pieces if I crank my bass knob up, and the screen works flawlessly. But I just want a little mid range bass up front that the 6x8s lack. The solobaric kicks in below around 200hz it seems but I need something in the middle range there.

Now here's the question. Does the metal door behind the panels have a 8 inch hole to mount the factory 8s from a premium? Just curious to if I could trim some 8 inch holes in the door panel, then mount some quality 8s there. I have plenty of room on the amp. Don't really want to cut into the metal part of the door if there isn't a hole. How are the factory 8s mounted in the premium?
It's more than just a hole in the metal and cutting a hole in the door plastic. The original 8" woofer (I won't call them subwoofers!) are bolted to a waveguide plastic housing that runs along the entire length of behind the door. I'm not sure a basic model's door panels came with this.... it is glued in place. If not, to do the same as a Premium you'll need the entire door panel with the waveguide housing intact.

That being said, removing the panels is ridiculously simple. You'll need a Torx Bit and 1-2 socket wrench sizes.... THAT'S IT! It helps to also have a small flathead screwdriver to pry 2-3 trim pieces out. I can do the whole door in 8 mins. flat.

I just got a set 2013 8" woofers from a forum member that are pretty new, but it came with the black/chrome grill surround. I'm on the fence about keeping them... I may go back to the 2006 speakers with the parchment surrounds.


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