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Originally Posted by Grimace427 View Post
Get back on the horse.

OH Double-pun score!!
Hahaha, nice

Originally Posted by kwb737 View Post
We need them more than they need us....
Yeah, and also there are always 10 of us lined up to pick up after them T_T

Originally Posted by J Orbit View Post
There's a song that comes to mind:

"If you got girl problems, I feel bad for you son but I got 99 problems and a ***** aint one!"

The BEST way to get over a chick is to get rid of all her stuff from your place and if it was a bad breakup, burn it. It's cathardic trust me. Then go out and plow through every damn woman you see!
Time for some strange!

...and to stop listening to Taylor Swift...seriously, are you gay?

Yeah, I do need a clean break. Just sucks because I dislike living alone. One of my female friends asked to be my roommate, but that is like a mini relationship.
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