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Nice video buddy. Don't worry about the now Ex. I know its easier said then done. I was in your shoes during my mid 20's. Was with the same girl for 7 years. Thought that we would get married. Then one day it all fell apart. It took me over a year too get past it. During that time, I found myself. A few years later, I found my wife. Now 7 years after my world fell apart. I'm as happy as I can be. I have a loving Wife, we're about to bring a baby boy into our world soon. And I still have a Mustang! I got to love my wife for that one! THANK YOU HUN! In the end, it will workout for the best. The only advice I can give is this. Do what makes you happy. Do not let anyone try to make you be someone your not! You never let someone try to change you. They must love you for who you are, and not what they think you should be. Just try to learn who you are, and things will fall into place. :smilie :smoke:
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