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To be honest, you really need both. The svt pump or gt superpump is going to out flow the stock pump and the boost a pump is going to extend the range of the new pump. I was running out of fuel at 360rwhp with the gt superpump. I added the boost a pump and all was good.

You are correct, your not going to need the added fuel at low rpms. But ounce you stump on the gas and that supercharger starts working (making boost), your going to need as much fuel as possible up top in the rpms to keep from leaning out. More air requires more fuel.

Svt pump is VERY simple to install. Just drop the tank, pull your stock pump out and the svt pump plugs straight in. I have drop my tank three times. I put in a gt superpump, second I had a gas leak in the short line that run from the pump to the fuel hat and third currently running two pumps and a boost a pump. The first time I had help, second and third time I did it by myself. Just run the fuel down below a 1/4 of a tank and have a good floor jack.

My current set-up is a 2002 mustang gt with a built mmr stroker long block, cams, ported heads and procharger p1sc at 8.5psi, going in for a retune at 11psi this month. Hopefully no fueling problems.

I wish you luck on your new set-up.

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