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Yes and no, it's a two-part answer.

The 8" subwoofers from the Premium Package go in the doors, but the door panels actually have subwoofer enclosures (a waveguide kind of thing), so it makes it a sealed enclosure. In other words, the sub never goes into the door, it just sits inside the door panel. You could just swap door panels and put shallow-mount 8" subs in.

Second part of the answer -- yes, there is room in the doors. You would have to cut your base model door panels, or get the Premium Package door panels with the holes cut already (and cut out the back side of the panel), and then there is plenty of room.

The issue with that is that you will then be running the subs in free air mode, so you (a) have to run less power and (b) have to find a sub that can run in free air mode. So you won't have as good of bass as you would with a sub in a box. You can make custom boxes for the door subs out of fiberglass, but that gets time consuming and kind of expensive.

I checked into this because I have a base model and wanted to do the same thing. For the custom work, you're looking at about $500-600 for the fiberglass boxes, $75ish for the sub install, $50-75 for the amp install, and the cost of the subs and amp. So realistically, it would cost you about $1200-1500 to do this. Way cheaper/easier/better sound to just throw some subs in the trunk.
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