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Originally Posted by elsuave View Post
When i read the title this is what came to mind lol
Hahahaha, that is awesome :P

Originally Posted by Guitarman View Post
I don't know if this will make sense to you right now but you are VERY fortunate to have had this relationship end now instead of after you are married and possibly children in the picture. I've counseled many married couples at each others throats and it gets ugly. So, focus on the positive things that have and will happen as a result of the break up. Hindsight is a big eyeopener as you come out of a relationship. You will realize things about it that you did not see while you were in the middle of it.
Things happen for a reason.
Enjoy your singleness while you are single!
You bring up a good is hard to see right now but if I reflect on things I completely agree. Better now than later when life gets even more complicated.

I have to admit, I did see this coming a looooong ways away. Part of it was my fault for not leaving sooner when the warning signs were already evident.
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