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Originally Posted by 69fordfastback View Post
Someone once told me that size does matter, I just dont remembe for what !!!!
There is no replacement for displacement.

Power, it matters for power. That is why they have weight divisions in boxing. In boxing the best in each division train their body to get the most they can out of it. So a 220 pound boxer will always have more power than a 150 pound boxer.

If one were to take a 4.0 l V6 that put out 450 bhp that would be a great engine. Put that in a 1,780 pound car and you have a 10 second car. Most likely it would not have a 36,000 mile warranty.

Now take an 8.0 l V16 that put out 1,200 bhp in a 4,366 pound car and you have a 10 second car with a three year factory unlimited millage warranty. It's a VW too; now you know why that green beetle was always ahead in the chase seen in Bullitt.

I don't want to start a V6 crying game but even 3.0 l engines need more than 6 cylinders to make power as the stroke has to be short to turn 17,000 RPM like the Ferrari V12 F1 engine that produced 700 bhp. These engines may last 500 miles.

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