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Tranny swap

well boys and girls. especially the girls, i like girls. Ok im getting off the subject. i called my "peoples" today and asked one of the stupid questions in the world expecting a stupid answer. I hate stupid people. if any one buys mustang and fast fords magazine in the july issue on page.. hold on im looking, ok there pg 20 left side, tranny swaps. I asked if i could bolt up a t-56 tranny to a 3.8 bellhousing, expecting the guy to say what are you freaking crazy why would you want to do that, but to my amazement he said. "No one has tried that i know of but let me get your name and # and i will call you back after i see what i find." about 2 hours later he calls me back and tells me that it is possible, i think i soiled myself. am i alone here of wouldn't it be awsone to have a 6 speed in a v6, i mean the same 6 speed in the viper. come on now that is awsome. the only thing that wasn't was the price. it says $2599 for the 96-04 but thats v8. v6 not that low try $3047 dollars plus the cost of a new flywheel and he said a new clutch but other than that its everything to bold right up to your v6. i need a and a :smoke: after that.

much love. peace im out

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