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Sorry to bump an older thread but didn't seem right to start a new thread. I would like to add a sub to my 2011 GT500 SVTPP that has the Shaker w/nav. I was looking at the the Shelby Kicker sub (just the sub for now, not the whole system) but am slightly confused. I would be installing this system just like any other box/amp combo, just that this combo has the amp already built in. I am confused on where I tap into for the connections - I read that Shaker systems turn down the bass as volume is turned up so want to make sure I install correctly.

Does tapping into the right door speakers (like the write up here: versus the install here using an AudioControl line converter: 2012 Mustang Shaker 500 Add A Sub Install -

Lets start with I am mechanically inclined but electrically stupid

Is there an advantage to going with the line converter versus straight tapping into the door wires?

Since the Kicker sub is meant to integrate with the whole Kicker upgrade set including 4.1 amp, is there a connector that I will have to cut off/modify that tnhey use to connect the sub to the amp?

I was also considering going with the JL Stealthbox (actually worried it might be to much for me) - if I went this way, can someone recommend a basic amp? Don't need to spend more than say $200 at most on the amp, not an audiophile and don't need anything mega nice or expensive). Stealthbox is just so expensive to but I need the truck space (daily driver and I have a 1 year old so I cary 'stuff', lots of 'stuff'.

Appreciate all the help in advance!

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