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No Power to radio after install.

Hello everyone,

Hoping someone can help me figure out what's wrong.

I was replacing the factory skipper 500 radio HU with a Kenwood ddx419 in my 06' Mustang. I hooked up the new unit earlier today to test it out and it was working fine I played a cd and connected my Iphone. After testing, I disconnected everything I went inside to solder the harness together & heat shrink. Finished that came back out hooked everything back up and there was no power to the radio at all now. So I went back and cut and re-twisted the Ignition and constant power wires thinking I messed up the metra harness. Same thing, Then I thought I might of blown up my new HU, so I hooked up the shaker 500 and there was no power.

I used a test light to check if my radio fuse (#20 radio - start) was "bad" -It checked good. So I replaced it to be sure - no luck.

I then pulled all other fuses in the car (w/ battery disconnected) none were blown.

I disconnected the battery & tried to start and let the car fully discharge and tried again. -nothing

I then thought may I broke a wire pulling the harness off, I felt for lose wires in the car's harness and felt for any "lumps" in the wire. -nothing

My dad was generous enough to loan me his Explorer - Both units power up.

Everything else seems to work okay. I can still drive the car and everything else functions except the radio.

Thank you in advance for any help.

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