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Talking Kona versus Deep Impact Blue

I had to bring my F150 in for its 110K mile service/vehicle inspection today. Since we were dropping it off, the Mustang came with us. They have several new 2013 Mustangs parked out front, one of which is a DIB V6. I was standing around, looking at it when one of the salespersons (Carol-very nice lady) came out and asked if we were being helped. I had that other thread on my mind and started to walk back towards my Mustang and said "nah, just comparing the Deep Impact Blue to my Kona Blue.

Without missing a beat she said "if you want, I'll move the gray one so you can park next to it and compare it up close." I hemmed and hawed but my wife, who hadn't read the other thread said "Sure, that would be sweet!"

She moved it, and I parked next to it. So much for "wasting the salesperson's time":p

Guys and gals, there is almost no difference between Kona and Deep Impact. They are both very pretty colors, the contrast in the Kona just seems to pop a little more in direct sunlight, while Deep Impact just seems a little brighter in the shade.

Of course, all I had with me was my Crackberry, but here are the pics, you decide:

In the 4th picture yes that is my F150 sitting in front of the service department.

Oh that Grabber Blue Vert in the background in the 2nd picture is a 5.0

So guys, IMO this puts to bed which is the better color.....neither, they are both sweet.

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