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Originally Posted by Petree
I have noticed MRT offers the rear window louver in 1 or 2 pieces. has anyone tried the 2 pc. do they look the same when installed, ie do connections show on the 2 pc?

WhiteHawk, how or what did you use to black out the rear, between the tail lights. I like they way that looks.
Yep, got the 1-piece, they told me about the 2-piece, but they didn't have any detaled pictures, so I was so sure about those Plus they told me the rear window louvers had a prop on the rear so you could hold the window up when ya clean it.. wrong, no prop The 2-piece was supposily made to cut down on shipping cost?

Anyway to answer your question on the rear black out on the rear, I just bought 2 rolls of 12" 3m black vinyl and put the hood strips and did the rear thing myself by hand.

I got my rolls off of ebay and I believe there is somebody sell'em on there, but I didn't see any.. but here are 2 links for them, one is the vinyl and the other is an ABS piece..
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