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Originally Posted by 1st RoadRage View Post
And they will back them up warranty-wise if the simple re-mapping procedure (which FRPP tells me is about as complex as the Trak Key PCM mods in terms of lines of code) is done by a For or Lincoln dealer.
FoMoCo's engine warranty is 5/60, is FordRacing offering that as well?

Originally Posted by strany View Post
Yep, Eric Brooks, Brooksspeed, told me that its a connection problem. Maybe one of the pins have recessed or something, or the harness may have a bad wire. Cant get to a lift till next Friday. Thanks
Good luck bud. I was getting an oddly similar code P2626, open circuit sensor1 bank1... After a few datalogs I knew the car was seeing/utilizing the bank 1 sensor1, but still triggering the cel... I've been driving around without engine braking/ coasting in gear, since immediately after coasting in gear is the only time ive seen the light come on.. After a 100 miles, no cel... Now, has it fixed itself, or will it return when I engine brake next time, about to find out, and yes, I'll log it..

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