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Mystery sorta solved. I took my car in for a free oil change today at the dealers I purchased from, and told them of my problems with the error codes I was getting from the passengers side front O2 sensor. They told me that the sensor was fried, probably by the extensions JBA included with their kit. The other O2 sensor had been cross threaded and was devoid of most threads. Had to order 2 new sensors and with diagnosis and install my wallet will be lighter $350! Thank you JBA and Casper electronics for the piece of **** extensions that caused me so much grief. Back to the dealer next Tues to have them installed and hopefully my check engine lights issues will be solved. I ought to sue JBA for the money in small claims, still milling that one over. So for anyone else thinking JBA longtubes, DO NOT connect the extensions, unhook the factory harness to extend to the front O2 sensors so you dont potentially fry you new engine

Forget about trying to blame JBA. It should be common knowledge that you shouldn't use O2 sensor extensions regardless of the brand. If you are going to mod the car, especially something as involved as headers, you should be 100% confident you did your homework and know the risks.

Every brand includes the O2 extensions, JBA hasn't done anything wrong by you.
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