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I don't get flashed. Basically what this mod does is enable the bulbs to operate at their rated power output (55-65W).

Your lamp in the living room has a large enough gauged cord so a 100W bulb will operate at 100W. It will not exceed that power rating no matter how large the lamp wire. But if that lamp wire is 50-75% smaller in diameter, the amount of current to the bulb will be reduced, the bulb will be noticeably dimmer and not be operating at 100W. Similar to comparing a garden hose to a fire hose, the thicker fire hose is going to produce more gallons per minute than the thinner garden hose. In this case the thicker gauged wire produces more current enabling the headlight bulbs to operate at their full potential, something they weren't doing with the smaller gauged stock wiring.

This is the way the car should have come new.

You might be getting flashed if you're using Ultra's or other ultra white bulbs that produce a lot of glare. If your bulbs are stock and you're getting flashed then yes, country bumpkins is the answer. lol

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