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Thanks Everyone!

Originally Posted by Grimace427 View Post
You have a clone of the '13 they used in the Alcatraz t.v. series remake of the 'Bullitt' chase scene.
Yep, I found that out shortly after ordering it. But technically the spoiler is different, and I'm sure Steve McQueen would only drive a stick. I still love the Auto in "my old age", and in my daily commutes.

Originally Posted by Tim13 View Post
Why are you even letting her drive it in the first place?!? Deny her access, and problem solved.

Believe me, I'm doing my best.

Originally Posted by Blackpenguin69 View Post
You if can put all your music on your phone you can play it via bluetooth while it charges.
You can but a mini usb thumb drive with 32 gb to keep plugged in full of music.
You can but a usb charger in the cig lighter for just charging stuff.
You can get a multiport usb for chargeing more stuff.
No more cd's need to be made. Gross!
Yep, got all that, but no single phone or drive I own has enough space for all my music. Also I'm a partial snob when it comes to digital music. 128bit MP3 torture my ears! But I'm not quite a FLAC/ALAC purist either. Lame VBR is my thing.

So essentially I have an excuse to sit in the car or go for a drive, because I want to finish importing my favorite cd's into the jukebox. Might as well use it if I got it!:shiny:

But yes, bluetooth streams well, and USB searches for tracks/artists/albums work exceeding well, by voice anyway.

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