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Took a 2013 V6 W/Performance Pkg out for a test drive today!!!!! Sure felt good to have 6 speeds on the stick. Reverse of course is a bit diff than I am used to since you have to push down on the stick and move it left then up for Reverse. Overall the car sounds ok - no GT grunt that's for sure. The stock stereo is "nice" - I will upgrade that with a sub for sure. I will be ordering mid December - NEXT MONTH...... :kooky: I decided against the Recaro's as the stock seats are nice enough for me and if I want I can buy new take off leather seats for $350 shipped complete from Roush. (which I won't)

By no means is the car a "dog" and should be fun as a daily driver. Even at 40mph 6th gear did not complain (just no acceleration from that speed in that gear). But for commuting I will probably go 2nd or 3rd to 6th. (I'm an acceleration whor e - but who on here isn't? right?)

Anywho - I look forward to a spring cruise with you fellas - don't hate on my HID's - its only a 6 banger....

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2014 GHIG V6 Stick w/Perf. Pkg

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