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I had a busy summer with work so I did not get a lot of play time in my Mustang… This summer I would only get to drive the car on short weekends between business travels and most of that was done at Bandimere…
Hers is one of my favorite videos out of the summer at Bandimere…
Not really sure why but maybe it is when the light turns green I can hear the tires pulling the track up...
The car still has its stock exhaust on it in this video... Sorry for the noise at the end... I still to this day do not know what was causing the rattling noise, this is the only video it's in...

2012 Boss at Bandimere - YouTube

And through it all, I met some great people with the same passion as myself for spending hot summer days at the track, as well as racing, showing or driving their Mustang to the grocery store for a bag pretzels… All in all it was a lot of fun…
And Thanks Steeda for the 2000 e-mails I sent you this summer and answering all of my questions…

I don't speak often but when I do, I don't have clue what I am talking about. I just repeat things that I once heard and do not repeat them correctly... My doctor told me it was an ID 10 T problem and it was incurable.
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