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Originally Posted by Txsc2216 View Post
What else do you guys think I should do to the rear end as far as spool and I plan on doing shocks all the way around. And I'm not worried about cosmetic stuff cause I just want to get it running rather than look amazing that will come later. I'm gunna put a small block 355 in it
Originally Posted by Txsc2216 View Post
I plan on making it mostly strip but alittle on the street. I'm on kind of small budget as of now cause I'm a college student but I'm just trying to do mods slowly. It has a 8.8 in it with 3.73 gears and has subframe connectors. I plan on putting in a 8. Cage and leaving the front end suspension stock except for shocks and struts.
See......double spending! If you want a spool in there YOU CAN NOT DRIVE IT ON THE STREET! Get new rear upper and lower control arms. Get 90/10 front struts will be good for street/ strip. If you gonna put a cage in there and plan on running 10's......might as well at least put a 10pt in there just in case you start running faster.

It's the little things like this you have to think about.

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Been saying single digit coming for 3 years.....guess I finally made it!
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