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Originally Posted by shepherdgirl View Post
Okay this is driving me crazy ... when switching to selectshift the screen just shows a big area of verbiage saying its in selectshift mode (duh) but not what gear you're in. Reason it's so annoying is that the gear is usually a surprisingly high one, like I'm going 60km and its in 5th or something like that. So then as I approach an area where I want to engine brake and downshift thinking its going to bring it into 3rd, it only goes to 4th so does nothing at all and I end up having to hit brakes anyway.

IMO selectshift is useless when you have to guess what fricking gear you're in when you first use it. Am I doing something wrong? Is there some setting I can change this with? Thanks.

Pressing the "ok" button gets rid of the notice on mine. Then it shows the gear number at the bottom of the screen.
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