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It's really hard to drive a dd car and build it for the track.

A good auburn type traction lock differential will handle street and track abuse.

The 10pt is just my opinion. Build fast and safe. You are talking about your life, there is no such thing as too much protection. Me personally would get rid of the drum brakes if the car is equipped, they don't handle heat well.

Get the suspension together then start adding your power. You be surprised what a good suspension will do to a low powered car. said, you really need to plan on what you wanna do otherwise you could be waisting money.

Built 8.8.........Auburn lock/ locker diff. Axle tubes welded. C clip eliminators. Good diff cover to add stffness

93' LX hatch, 460 w/150 plate, TH400, 9" w/ 3.60 spool. Best (so far!) of [email protected] 146 mph with 1.40 spinning 60' on steel heads
Been saying single digit coming for 3 years.....guess I finally made it!
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