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Originally Posted by C Green View Post
I can't find anything about this issue, just one 2 yr old post that contained no answers. My oem hood scoop lifts up on the rear corners when its cold outside (50 or colder). When it warms up it sits flat.
Hello C Green,

I’ll be more than happy to escalate this for you. You can PM me with your VIN, dealer, mileage, full name and best daytime number so I can forward the info to the customer service manager for your area.

Also remember, plastic shrinks and expands in different temperatures, so this could be the issue as well. Hope this helps. Have a great day!

Originally Posted by 5LitreRiceEater View Post
If this was installed by dealership or ordered on the car its covered under warranty. However, contact Deysha and tell her your concern. Ford Company might have a solution that the dealer doesn't know about.
Thanks for the mention, 5LitreRiceEater.

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