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Originally Posted by winkawak View Post
any 13" v6 auto owners out there that have the tune?
Diablo and I just finished up tweaking my tune. They have it shifting without the rpm hang, the front end actually rises some with the shift now. Firm. I have taken my WOT a/f to 12.2 from their setting of 11.9, leaning it out some, and this car is a whole new animal. Even tried the stock tune out a couple of weeks ago. NO comparison. Also, with the inTune, you can have some adjustablity on your end. You can make changes. They are also working on datalogging more parameters with the inTune so you can veiw on your laptop with Diablo Data Veiwer.

As a past experienced tuner myself, I'm looking forward to datalogging the A/F (so I don't have to use my phone recording the dash ) and the spark knock to make sure all is well. That'll be great for making passes at the track, in my case.
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