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Originally Posted by powerwhee View Post
Hmm my steeda tune has some "RPM hang" but I don't know what you mean by that. Does it happen all the time or just sometimes? Sometimes when using the manual selector and than after switching to drive will keep the car in whatever gear i had it manually in, than it shifts very firm into the next gear. It's jolting, but happens only occasionally. is this what your referring to? doesn't happen in drive only manual selector than going to drive.
If you were asking me, not sure...They pretty much eliminated it altogether. At least enough to make this picky driver happy. I hated the "hanging" rpms between it was slipping into gear instead. No longer an issue here with the tune they have in my car now. It was bad enough to lose ET in a drag strip pass based on my drag racing years.

It was very apparent at WOT. I now feel a slight improvement (you can feel it) in all driving. It's not harsh at part throttle though. Just enough to actually feel it now. On this '13, I have the button, while in sport mode, to shift up and down. It shifts much much quicker after pressing it than before, firmness is there too.

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