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Originally Posted by WhiteBird00 View Post
It seems that getting a phone upgrade ranks up there with buying a car as one of the most annoying ways to spend an afternoon. By the time all the paperwork was signed and new phones were in hand, almost three hours of our Saturday had been wasted.

Anyway, I got a Galaxy S-II partly because I had read that it supports the Bluetooth MAP profile that allows SYNC to receive text messages. I have seen various posts about how it is necessary to turn on the MAP profile in SYNC first before SMS will work with the phone.

What I wasn't prepared for was that apparently there is no menu option to turn on the MAP profile in a 2011 nav equipped vehicle. It seems that non-nav vehicles can be upgraded from version 3.1 to version 3.2.2 to get MAP capability but nav vehicles have no such upgrade available. This is disappointing - you spend an extra $2K to get the best electronics available and yet Ford ignores us and only upgrades the basic systems.

Has anyone found out about getting a SYNC upgrade in a nav system? The most recent discussion I could find was about 10 months old so maybe things have changed?

Ford... are you listening?
Just out of curiosity, if you have the indash nav built in, can I ask why you're trying to get this to work? I understand that, it should just work as it is, but what is your specific reason?
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