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My experience with DiabloSport and the Intune.

So I purchased a Diablo Intune a couple months ago and about 3 weeks ago I had a chance to finally install it. I like it. The touch screen is cool and it has just about every option you would want to adjust on the car (within reason). You can change the tire revs per mile, gear ratio, and pretty much everything you can do with a SCT X3. They are very similar in that respect. The Intune has built-in profiles for most cold air intakes as well. There are several things like fuel trims that you can adjust, but I didn't mess with them. Things like that can get you in to trouble if you don't know what you are doing.

I first installed the Diablo 91 tune. I don't have an intake so I was riding on just the tune. I like it. The car runs good, idles good and has good power. Like most tunes, you don't really feel it until you mash the gas and hit 4K RPM or so. But it pulls hard to redline and feels smooth. My only issue is Diablo sets the rev limiter to something like 7600 RPM. Personally, I think this is just a bit too high. Bama on the other hand sets theirs at about 7300. I think that is the sweet spot. Although I will say I have set my best 1/4 mile times shifting @ 6500 and riding 4th past 7000 to avoid shifting to 5th. I actually would like Diablo to explain why they set the rev limiter so high. The car runs out of steam long before that. Other than crossing the 1/4 mile without shifting to 5th I see no reason for it to be set that high.

I purchased a Lethal ORH pipe and also ordered some tunes from Bama. I want to clear this up now. Bama can tune for the Intune. All I did was tell them I had a Trinity (to avoid any confusion) and the tunes they sent me work fine. Loading custom tunes and updating the Intune couldn't be easier. You plug it in to your USB port and it will load drivers for your computer and create a drive under "My Computer". The Intune software will load on it's own and connect to the internet and update itself. So after the unit has updated itself and you want to load custom tunes all you do is open the drive inder my computer and open the tunes folder on the device. Copy and paste the custom tunes in to the tune folder. Watch them copy and then watch the Intune's screen. The intune device will tell you that you loaded a "Bama 91 race Tune" or whatever it may be. That's it! When I loaded the Bama tune on the car I didn't have to return the car to stock or anything like that. I just chose "Custom Tune" and the unit did its thing. It really works well and it's WAY easier and more stable than SCT's crap software. A+ for DiabloSport. The Bama tune doesn't feel much different than the DiabloTune, but I needed a custom tune for my ORH pipe plus I would like to data log for Bama at some point soon to make sure my car is running tip top.

So everything is good, but I did run in to an issue. I ended up bending the pins on the Intune device and smoking the unit's OBDII connector and the cable. (The OBD cable is removable). Not sure how I did it. I'm a computer nerd and normally the last guy to slay a cable and pins on something. Fact is, it happended and DiabloSport took good care of me. I filled out the RMA form online and mailed it back ASAP. I contacted DiabloSport Dan from the forums here and he made sure the RMA department expedited my return. I didn't ask, he just did it for me! Nice guy for sure. Diablo turned my broken unit around in a matter of only a few days and UPS'ed it right back to me. No charge, although I did have to pay for shipping to them which is no problem. Fact is, they handle returns well and it's easy and trouble free. I couldn't have asked for me.

Bottom line is. I love the intune and I am VERY happy with Diablo's service. They stand by their products and they don't mess around. If you are thinking of buying an Intune just do it.

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