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Originally Posted by Viciousjay View Post
i think you need to reread my post
Heh, I did this morning after my post last night- oops. I just don't think you should worry about the A/F on the dyno or your power number so much as trying the tune and see how it drives.

I can assure you that there will be no issues with knock, and there will be no issues with your warranty.

Making tunes is what we do, we wouldn't release them if they were dangerous. Heck, we wouldn't be in business if they were.

Also, if you're worried about A/F Ratio, why not log your LTF1 and LTF2 and see how much fuel the car is adding or removing at part throttle and WOT most importantly?

The inTune will let you look at those parameters and if there's bolt-ons on the car you can tweak your fueling and spark to get it dead on.

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