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fuel trims should never be above 10%. That means the computer is having to compensate that amount just to keep the AF ratio good. You have STFTs which are the short term adjustments the car will make to account for day to day variations but you also have LTFTs (long term) and those being high is an indication of an issue because those are the permanent adjustments the ECU is making. Basically the computer should not have to add that much fuel. Something is amiss.

My first guess would be the MAF. It needs to be calibrated.

My friend is running the 91 or 93 tune, (dontr recall, whatever the highest was) and his STFTs never got above 3% and the LTFTs were near zero on an otherwise stock car.

Unfortunatley I don't know how to calibrate the MAF on this car. I'm not familiar with the MAF curve adjustments on the intune and haven't had time to research it...well because my 'friend's' car is running great
Upload your actual datalog if possible, screen shots don't tell much.
Maybe Dan can chime in on this and why the units are all in metric!
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