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Refused delivery due to front bumper damage

tl, dr; front bumper and plastic shield underneath it was damaged during delivery. Dealership would only repair the paint and not replace the bumper. So refused delivery...

I'm fairly new to the forum. I've been visiting the forum nearly twice a day and just reading. There are tons of information of this forum and I learned a lot.

Recently read "Refused delivery due to front plate mount" earlier this week and thought to myself, "nah, that's not going to happen to me. I'm going to be happy with my new mustang!" Well, you know where this story goes. I had to refuse delivery. I apologize ahead of time for my long spiel.

So I ordered my mustang October 6, 2012. I'm the very lucky one that had the mustang arrive at the dealership today, November 16, 2012. Wow a little over a month, I would say that's superawesometacular!

The dealership was an hour away from my home. There were two reasons for this.
1) The dealership around my home (South Bay Area, California) all have terrible reviews.
2) If I bought the vehicle from this particular dealership, I received extra .25% discount on my auto loan through USAA. (Yes, I'm military, so I got the extra $500 d/c).

So I get there, meet with the saleslady that I was dealing over emails and phone. She and I take the vehicle for a test drive. Before the test drive, I do a quick 360 of the vehicle. The hard thing about conducting the inspection was that it was raining. So, I conduct a rush inspection, thinking that i'm special and no bad things will happen to me. (I guess too much euphoria makes a person think stupid.) I love the test drive, such an awesome car! It was less than a mile, I was eager to sign the paperwork and take it back home. After I park the vehicle, we both head back in and she asks me to sit in her office. I sat around for a while, was a little too overjoyed to be sitting down, and it looked like she was going to take a bit of time, so I go outside again to check my new baby out.

And to my surprise, I see something stand out on the front. I'm not sure what it's called but it's the plastic under the front bumper. "plastic shield?" no idea. Wellps, it's damaged, and it's significant. It's about 2-3" long 1-2" wide gash. I was so shocked... "It's brand new, just got off the truck today, how can it be?!?!" I get the saleslady back and point it out to her. She seems to be shocked herself and gets the service manager. After few minutes, the sales manager comes, takes the vehicle to get it checked out, comes back and tells me because it's plastic, it'll need to be replaced and the piece will arrive next tuesday.
So I'm given two choices:
1) come back when they call me to let me know it's fixed
2) take the vehicle, come back when the part arrives and get it fixed

At this point, I still want the vehicle but I really want to avoid the 60minute drive. So I ask if I can take it to a dealership that's closer to home. SVC MNG leaves to go check and comes back with a yes. Saleslady asks me if I want to go to finance now. I'm hesitant and want to go check the vehicle out again but this time much closer inspection. I start off with the area that was damaged. Then I realized it wasn't just the plastic, but the front bumper. It's damaged too. And it's a deep scratch and was peeling. It was 3-4 2-3" diagonal cuts on top of where the plastic was damaged.

Now I get a bit angry. They told me they did a pre-inspection once the mustang got off the truck and it was detailed. Someone didn't do their job. I ask them why they can't do a complete check and let me know what the damages are. And why it's me finding them and having to point them out. We go back in the office, she gets her supervisor, and she disappears for rest of my time there.

He comes off professional, wanting to fix the problem, and asks what they can do to fix the issue. At this point, I wish I could order another one, but I know the orders has closed. He offers to find a similar vehicle, leaves and comes back with a none. (Black gt premium, track pack, sec pack, recaro seats).
I've been waiting for the mustang with great anticipation and was leaning towards getting it fixed and get some discount. He offered getting the damaged parts fixed and $300 extra. I wanted a better discount, but I was leaning towards taking the deal. Probably was going to ask to add extended warranty or something to sweeten the deal.

Except, they were going to repair the paint and not replace the bumper. I'm no paint expert, but that scratch was deep. Whatever damaged the vehicle was enough to gash the plastic piece, so it was enough to do damage to the paint. I couldn't see myself happily riding the vehicle knowing that the front bumper wasn't perfect. I know, I'm probably a little OCD, but I wanted my mustang perfect.

So I asked for my deposit back and I left... Other than the damage in the front, she was a beauty...
Only regret that I have is that I didn't take pictures of the damage to post here...

I'm not sure if I'll be able to get a mustang. We'll see.

And another sidenote: Deysha is awesome. She definitely kept me informed of what was happening with the mustang.

wow damn... I wrote so much... I guess I needed to vent a little... hah

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