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Originally Posted by djp2313 View Post
That sucks but a good thing you caught it.

I expect the inspection of your next Mustang to be much more thorough
Most definitely. I wasn't expecting anything. It came off the truck today. They said they conducted pre-inspection and detailed the mustang. I thought they would have the damages themselves or at least try to hide the fact...
I'll definitely do a complete and thorough inspection for whatever vehicle I decide to buy.

Originally Posted by Elite_Deforce View Post
Seems to be a thread this month.

Good on you, OP.
Thank you.
Sadly, it seems the case... I'm not sure why but I know that dealerships in general have bad reputations and reviews, but ford dealerships (domestic) seem to have more negative reviews. Is it just my area? (South Bay Area, Cali)
The two local ford dealerships from my home is terrible... Even if the 60min away dealership's vehicle was $500 cheaper, I would have bought from my local dealer, BUT I don't trust the dealership near me at all.

Originally Posted by 2013 GT 5.0 View Post
Good catch! There's no way you should be expected to take delivery of that vehicle the with some kind of a quick fix. I hope you still get your Mustang.

Thank you. I thought they would replace the bumper, but nope. Just a touch-up.
Poor schmuck will end up with that vehicle...
The thing is, they told me because the vehicle was delivered today morning, they had 24 hours to make a claim on damages done from delivery and have ford be charged for the damage. Not sure why they wouldn't replace the bumper. I would be driving a mustang if they were going to replace all damaged parts and some reasonable d/c.

Originally Posted by VeroBeachPony View Post
I hope you will be able to find another Mustang that is exactly what you want and in perfect condition !

I don't know... They did a search and there wasn't a vehicle like the one I ordered...
'13 GT Premium Black/Black with track, security pack and recaro seats.
I'll have to wait for the '14... I don't want to wait 8 months... ugh...
I think I'll end up buying a different car. shucks...
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