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What would you guys have done?

Would you guys have taken the repair and $300?

Do you think I was being unreasonable to want damaged parts completely replaced and want at least $500 or $300 plus extended warranty, 100,000/5yr.

I ended up wasting 4 hours of my time and my mom's, gas money, frustration, not being completely feel like whole...

What do you guys think?

The other disappoint part is that I realize the dealer is better off not giving me a better deal. They are going to do a touch-up on the bumper and replace the plastic then sell is to a poor schmuck who doesn't know any better. I think some will argue that as long as it's good as new then it's fine. But I think I can argue that "like new" isn't the same as "new." I understand the guy who refused delivery because of the front license bracket. It's just not the same.
I don't know... Maybe I should have taken the deal... gosh I really wanted the vehicle. Sort of wish I did take it and have it in my garage to a certain point... But that nagging feeling... Ugh...
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