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Originally Posted by jamesrrdaniel View Post
What would you guys have done?

Would you guys have taken the repair and $300?

Do you think I was being unreasonable to want damaged parts completely replaced and want at least $500 or $300 plus extended warranty, 100,000/5yr.

I ended up wasting 4 hours of my time and my mom's, gas money, frustration, not being completely feel like whole...

What do you guys think?

The other disappoint part is that I realize the dealer is better off not giving me a better deal. They are going to do a touch-up on the bumper and replace the plastic then sell is to a poor schmuck who doesn't know any better. I think some will argue that as long as it's good as new then it's fine. But I think I can argue that "like new" isn't the same as "new." I understand the guy who refused delivery because of the front license bracket. It's just not the same.
I don't know... Maybe I should have taken the deal... gosh I really wanted the vehicle. Sort of wish I did take it and have it in my garage to a certain point... But that nagging feeling... Ugh...
so let me get this striaght...

you'd want a complete front bumper replacement, a discount and an extended warrenty over drilled holes in the bumper?

yes thats super unreasonble...i really think them fixing the bumper by completely replacing it would be enough and maybe some free oil changes or something...or maybe a couple hundred bucks off, 500 + extended warranty, is really pushing it...why in gods name should they give you an extended warranty, for 4 drilled holes, when they agreed to fix them?

yes i get you spent time and gas to deal with this and it sucks, but understand its life. so what happens when you buy a product say a nice shirt and you take it home and notice its got a hole. would you take it back and demand money out of the register? i hope not, its life and its the implied risk of buying something and having to deal with any issues.

also fyi, no court will pay you compensation for your time, because its subjective...because there is nothing to say you dont value your time at $1,000 an hour and vise versa, there is nothing to say the dealer cant value your time at $1.00 an they wont pay it. Now if you had a signed contract saying if any issues arise with deliverly of this car and the dealer agrees to pay you $20.00 an hour for dealing with this, you'd have something to work with.

it sucks, but it is what it is...

and its a CAR, a new bumper that is painted well, is NO different then factory (you realize its the same process for the factory and they are painted seperately and then put together right?)!!!!! I have no idea where this sense of entitlement came from lately, that if there is damage to the car and its fixed properly by a good body shop, why all of the sudden you deserve a whole new car or massive checks!!! again its implied that when you choose to drive on the road your accepting the risk that something can and more then likely will happen to it...while i love my cars, its still JUST a car.

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