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Originally Posted by skulls View Post
so let me get this striaght...

you'd want a complete front bumper replacement, a discount and an extended warrenty over drilled holes in the bumper?

yes thats super unreasonble...i really think them fixing the bumper by completely replacing it would be enough and maybe some free oil changes or something...or maybe a couple hundred bucks off, 500 + extended warranty, is really pushing it...why in gods name should they give you an extended warranty, for 4 drilled holes, when they agreed to fix them?

yes i get you spent time and gas to deal with this and it sucks, but understand its life. so what happens when you buy a product say a nice shirt and you take it home and notice its got a hole. would you take it back and demand money out of the register? i hope not, its life and its the implied risk of buying something and having to deal with any issues.

also fyi, no court will pay you compensation for your time, because its subjective...because there is nothing to say you dont value your time at $1,000 an hour and vise versa, there is nothing to say the dealer cant value your time at $1.00 an they wont pay it. Now if you had a signed contract saying if any issues arise with deliverly of this car and the dealer agrees to pay you $20.00 an hour for dealing with this, you'd have something to work with.

it sucks, but it is what it is...

and its a CAR, a new bumper that is painted well, is NO different then factory (you realize its the same process for the factory and they are painted seperately and then put together right?)!!!!! I have no idea where this sense of entitlement came from lately, that if there is damage to the car and its fixed properly by a good body shop, why all of the sudden you deserve a whole new car or massive checks!!! again its implied that when you choose to drive on the road your accepting the risk that something can and more then likely will happen to it...while i love my cars, its still JUST a car.

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I think you misread some parts...

Point 1: (more of a clarification)
I wouldn't have minded 4 drilled holes, if it was for the front license plate bracket...
I apologize my story was pretty long to read completely, but no it wasn't drilled. It was damaged during transportation. (yah, I wish I took pictures...) That's what they said when I pointed out the gashes. (And I would like to point out, gashes isn't scratches. When I say gashes, I'm not talking about thin but long scratches. Gashes meaning 1-2" wide.) The plastic, they said they will replace. Cool. But the bumper no. They were just going to do a repair. You see, if it was a minor scratch, I would be like "ehh... okay I'll take it plus the 300". But it was really deep and wide. I wanted the bumper replaced.
And I know 200 is pittance to the total of the car, but I said either 500 or 300+warranty. So, warranty instead or 200 more. They could have turned it down. I was trying to get a better deal. That wasn't the deal breaker. The deal breaker was they weren't going to replace the bumper.

Point 2:
They agreed to fix it but not to my liking. Hence, I walked.

Point 3:
You bring up an analogy, so I would like to make one too. You're at a clothing store. You pre-ordered a custom shirt online for an in-store pickup. You get a notice that it has arrived and you go to the store. You get to the store and observe the shirt. You see that the shirt has been damaged with holes in them. The store offers to patch it up. They still ask for full price. I didn't take the shirt home yet. Still in store, haven't paid yet.
Again, I ask you, is "like-new" same as "new"? I guess to some people, it's yes. But to me, it's not the same. There's a difference. If there wasn't, why bother calling it "like-new." Is it wrong for you to ask for a discount on the shirt?
A lot of times, damaged goods or returned goods that are "like-new" will go into the clearance section. Depending on the difference of "like-new" and "new" price difference.

Point 4:
$500 is only 1.3% of the car price. Is 1% really too much to ask for? If you're asking for $500 when the product is only $1000, I'll say that 50% too much. Subjective.

Point 5:
Entitlement. Ummm... I felt that if I wasn't getting a car that was 100%, I wanted a compensation that met the difference. Of course the dealer and I saw the value of the car differently. I saw at least 1% difference, hence the $500. I don't think I felt entitled for anything... Hence I walked...

Point 6:
Assumption of Risk. I have not yet assumed the risks involved with owning the car. I believe your argument here is invalid. If I owned the car and it was damaged, then I would be responsible for getting it replaced by utilizing my own insurance if it was my fault or insurance of the person that caused it. And I also assumed the risk of possibly not being compensated. But in this case, I have not yet assumed the risks.

Point 7:
Whole new car. I was paying $X amount for a car without any damages or history of damages. If I wasn't going to get that, I expected compensation to meet the difference.

I hope that clarifies some points for you. I apologize if I got a bit lawyer like.

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