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i did miss the part about it being gashes. if there wayvof fixing it was touch up paint then yes i would have walked as well...inwould have walked if it had the holes and they wouldnt fix...BUT if they fixed it and i couldnt but knew they didnt replace the bumper, id be fine with that. which im actually dealing with right now on my wifes car. we test drove a bunch of cars decided on ine found a good deal on one, went at night when banks were closed but filled out all the paper work, went home and heard the next afternoon she was approved and they delivered it to her but it was dark and i was not there to do inspection...well the next day i notice some issues with it...back bumper is a mess like some dragged it in gravel...called the dealer and brought it back and they are fixing it...i.e. repainting the bumper, it doesnt justify a new one just some smoothing of the plastic and some will be good as new.

now if they offered to make it right and order a new plastic piece, yeah 60 min drive kind of blows, but f*uck its in your new mustang, talk about an excuse to drive :-) 60 mins aint bad, my commute to work is 50.

someone else made a point you agreed with...if the dealer would have properly fixed the bumper and plastic piece you WOULD NEVER know...this is true. but you cant stand knowing this happened as it its a ruined malested car...but its really not its a car with pieces fixed with new pieces. this brings me make to my entitlement point. because you said not knowing that if the car was fixed would allow you to be in blissful ignorance, but since you knew it was going to be fixed it just wasnt the same, especially because it required a little un expected effort on your part to make it happen. i was also talking in general about the entitlent point, but it shared triats with how you view this situation, go look at the countless wreck threads on here...someone gets into an accident and has damage on it...majoirty of people are like, get them to total the car out, it can never be fixed the same if they wont total it then get like 6-8k in diminshed value...its nuts, its a damn car and a good body shop can put things right majority of the time. its the knowing part that creates this i believe and because people love thier car so much having it fixed sours that....but its not the real world, in the real world is hunks of metal and some bolts.

someone else also said and is correct that the guys at the dealer are there to collect a min wage paycheck so its just a car to them and the quucker they get the job done the quicker they can get to the rest of the big ass list of things to do that thier boss left them or maybe thier smoke break or what ever. this mentality also goes beyond the you think i hunt for an end spot, adjust my mirror to be against the curb and leave as much spacs between my car and the other car? or thar i park in the deserted parks of the parking lot because i want to get the scenic view of the whole parking lot on the way into where ever im going? NO, because most people dont give 2 sh!ts about cars and actually keeping them in great condition, i dont get it...people will spend thousands and drag thier purse along thier car or whatever. which is fine, but for them not to respect my car as if i have the same mentality drives me NUTS, thus hunting for soots occurs.

i do agree that touch up paint is NOT acceptable as a fix, but a correct paint job and a new plastic piece should be considered acceptable and maybe a tank of gas or something for the trouble but beyond that i think is starting to take advantage....

but i understand your mind set, i will be taking deliverlynof my car late next month...and i have already discussed with the salesman..that NO one will touch my cat beyond driving it off the truck and parking it...pre-deliverly inspection and wash will only be done by me at the dealer and i can bring and use my own soap, wash mit and towels...i will be doing everything, pulling plastics and foam off and everything else, because i dont want the guys at the dealership who have dropped the mit on the ground to just pick it up and keep using it on the car or the nasty towels that have been dropped on the ground. No one will be touching the car but i get it :-)

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