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Great post!!! I followed the directions to the tee, but the chime was still muted. What I did to get it back to original sound:

Take the chime apart just like the instructions indicated, then scrape the residual foam off the metal disk with a sharp knife- do this on a flat surface so the metal disk doesn't bend. Then get a foam paint brush with a wood handle (you can get them in any hardware store in the paint department for under a buck). Then use a razor blade and cut about 1/8" slice off the foam (broad-side) of the brush. Now you should have a rectangle of foam that measures 2.25"X2"X1/8". Take a pair of small scissors, I used my Swiss army knife scissors and using the metal disk as a template, cut the foam into the shape of the circle. Afterward- cut a hole in the circular piece of foam- about 1/8" to 3/16" from the outer edge. Now use a super glue gel, and put very (I mean very small) dabs of glue where the original foam was on the metal disk. Carefully, put the new foam circle on the metal disk and wait 5 minutes to dry. Put the assembly back together; and you're good to go!

Btw, the chime is located right under the dashboard on the key (ignition side) side on the dash - it's held on to the underside of the dash lip by a black plastic bracket with two screws.
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