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Originally Posted by xarius View Post
Nice!! Beautiful car. That was my second choice on color. That was awesome of them to put a sign on it and keep it in the showroom for you. Mine sat out in the rain. lol

PS. Nice shoes.
Yea my dealer was beyond awesome. They said they had to keep people away from it as everyone was asking if it was for sale and wanted to sit in it so they put the sign on the car and made sure the doors were locked and no one came near it. Awesome customer service!!

Originally Posted by RaceRed50 View Post
I really like the car...and the blonde!
Why thank you

Originally Posted by RodgerJerney View Post
Get used to turning heads, getting lots of compliments, and people taking pictures of your car when they think you're not looking.

Practice: "No you can't drive it"
Haha I'm already trying to get used to it. The DIB definitely is a head turner. Oh yes definitely already have the "no you can't drive it" down pat. Definitely not trying to be mean I just don't trust very many people with my vehicles and alot of people just have no respect for people's possessions.

Originally Posted by MordFustangg View Post
Congrats! Any plans to do anything to it?
Definitely have plans to mod her just trying not to spend too much cash to quickly but yea I'm not very good at thatLooking to put the gt500 axle backs/x or h pipe on, gt500 rear valence, CAI, tune, full suspension as far as performance mods and then definitely will be looking into exterior mods. After the warranty is up possibly looking to do a turbo setup

Originally Posted by 2013MustangGT View Post
Beautiful car, I have the same color!! Marry me?
Good choice on the color!! LOL...Fortunately I'm a happily married lady. Found a gearhead of my own that FINALLY understood me and could put up with my all my crazy car hobbies

Originally Posted by stevegt2012 View Post
Sweet ride! Nice to see the lady's enjoying the Mustang too .
Thank you!! I couldn't agree more. I wish there where more ladies like me who were gearheads but I guess I'm a rare breed. So excited to have her and can't wait to start modding her

Originally Posted by stinger26 View Post
A hot blonde and a sweet Mustang...always a nice combination
Thank you

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