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Originally Posted by Hellobatman View Post
What drop and how much of a drop is that you're running? Any rubbing issues ever?
I'm just now seeing this. The suspension is Eibach Sportlines, Tokico D-Specs, and a UPR adjustable panhard rod. The wheels/tires are big enough that the rear being even 1/8" off center is noticeable, so I spent a couple of days really getting it centered.

The fronts never rub. The rears don't usually rub, but they will if I have a lot of weight (200+lbs) in the rear seat or trunk. I've found that setting the front struts to a softer setting will minimize rubbing in the rear. It doesn't really seem to matter what setting the rears are on, but if the fronts are stiff, the energy from a bump will be sent to the rear.

Rubbing doesn't bother me. Cars don't look right unless the wheel openings are filled. I've never owned a car that didn't rub some. If you're nervous about it, then go with a smaller tire or less drop.

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