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Granted Chicago probably gets it worse than Central Ohio, but as long as you have the all-season tires whether you can you drive your 2013 GT in the snow depends more on you comfort/skill with RWD in general than having a Mustang.

I grew up with RWD cars so it doesn't throw me so bad I guess. If you know you can keep an '86 Camaro V8 with Goodyear Eagle Ones on the road in the snow, this type of driving isn't quite so intense. I worry more about other drivers and getting salt on the car than I do about getting stuck.

I had mine out in the snow frequently last year and thought it actually did better than my '09 V6 which did pretty good. To get a feel for the car's limits, with all the controls on I tried to do some low speed controlled slides in a secluded area and I couldn't get the thing to slide. I wasn't gunning it like a maniac, I was just trying to mimic the type of driving you really (at least really should) be doing on bad roads.

I don't attempt to drive it on the ice, but I wouldn't attempt to get out with a FWDer on ice either.

Would probably make a big difference whether you have a manual or auto too.

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