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Originally Posted by elsuave View Post
Their are bama tunes from am for the 13 auto. But i did wanted to ask them if they are aware of this low rev rpm problem. While back i asked if you can pass emissions with the tune on with bolt ons. You'll pass as long as you still have the cats on and not the race tune in use. At this point i just wanna enjoy the car. Im thinking spring time supercharge it but still undecided?
Originally Posted by Katastrophe View Post

I'm completely lost on that one. Do you know how to do a burnout? I'm not trying to be an ass here, but seriously, do you?

There are cars with half the HP/TQ that can light em' up just as easy.

OP - There are no problems with the Mustang laying rubber. The CAR is capable, at least...

There actually is an inconsistent random "problem" that we've discovered both the 2013 v6 or 5.0 auto Mustangs. Just as someone already mentioned, it limits your rpms to 2k or less. However, we have found a fix for this in the factory PCM and include the fix on all of our Bama tunes for 2013 autos. So, if you're interested in rippin' huge smokey burnouts and picking up a solid & safe power gains through the power band, I'd be happy to help you guys out with a custom Bama SF3 tuner!

Let me know if you have any questions!


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