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My Feedback on Diablo inTune experience

I purchased the inTune last March when I had my 06 Charger RT. I traded it in on my '13 V6 premium automatic.

Initially, it wouldn't load a tune last August and I gave them the info on my ECM they requested. It was something about the ECM version. After they sent a revision and updated the inTune, it loaded just fine.

A month or so went by and thought I'd ask if they could try getting rid of the rpm hang between shifts I was experiencing. Over the following couple of weeks I received a couple of tunes with shifting revisions. I can say it now shifts with authority. Not harsh but it now lunges forward and the rpm hang is indiscernable. I am extremely pleased with the shifting. This is the way any auto should come from the factory, imo.

Lastly, we did have an issue with me being able to make changes to WOT A/F ratio. The layman version would be put that they had to make a couple of more changes than what the GT's ECM needed in order for this to be possible. They sent a revision, I updated the inTune device, and loaded the WOT fueling changes. Via the factory wideband guage, I saw that the changes were in place and right where I wanted to go. Unfortunately, our local track was shut down due to a train derailment/chemical cleanup team directly across the street from the track entrance....and it was the last TNT of the year. I'll see what it does next spring.

I am extremely happy with the tune (only tried the 93 octane tune) and the excellent customer service from Dan, tuner Brian, and Mike. They were attentive and responded to emails, pm's quickly. This is the best tuning company I have dealt with and will recommend them to anyone interested in the type of service they provide.

Now, let's get more CMR into the hands of shops out there. Especially some shops interested in custom tuning for the v6. CFM looks to be introducing a turbo kit and I much prefer the support of Diablo due to my experience with them.

Thanks Diablo team!

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