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Originally Posted by slorydn1 View Post
Yeah, I know, right?

Here in NC, we don't have to worry about a front plate, but we have to get a sticker every year for the rear one, and we USED to have to get a windshield sticker every year, too. The inspection date and the registration date could be different (most often with a used car), so one might get hit up with an inspection fee at a different time of year than the registration fee. Often times people, forgetful creatures that we are, would renew one and not the other, etc.

That was our inspection sticker. NC finally removed its head from its anal cavity and synched up the vehicle inspection with the registration, and you can't get your renewal sticker without getting your car inspected. In the process they did away with that ginormous windshield sticker as it is no longer necessary. If your tag is renewed, your inspection is good

You just pretty much just described the whole process here in Virginia, except every two years you have to get emissions inspection to get 1 or 2 year registration tag for back plate, as well as a annual safety inspection for center windshield, AND a front plate!

Funny thing it really never bothered me having a front plates as everycar I have owned came with them until I bought a car from North Carolina recently and I really didnt want to put a front plate on it so I drove around for two weeks until I released I was being dumb.

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